Technical tips

Sometimes things don't work as they should which can often be attributed to a variety of reasons.

We at Shoreline strive to improve our products to ensure they work correctly first time.

Unfortunately, most of the telephone call and e-mails we receive saying that their fridge "isn't working" is directly related to the electrical installation itself. Whilst we strive to write our installation instructions with clarity for all, sometimes certain important points get over looked. We highly recommend that our appliances are installed by a competant marine or automotive electrictian.

We will be continually updating this section to improve the clarity of our instructions, highlight any potential problems, and offer advice on technical issues as and when they arise.

Within these Technical Tips (for which we make no subscription or charge for its access) we hope you will find the answers to your technical problems so that you can enjoy a long life with your Shoreline fridge!

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