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Why do 12v fridges cost so much?

We are often asked why 12 volt powered fridges are so much more expensive than a 240 volt version.

The answer is simple! It’s all about the ‘economies of scale’.

There are an estimated 30+ manufacturers of refrigerator motor compressors worldwide producing an estimated total of some 250 million pieces per year.

Out of these 30+ manufacturers only TWO companies produce DC motor compressors.

Out of the 250 million pieces only an estimated 250,000 are DC versions.

In any industry it is logical that a manufacturer who has invested heavily into technology and tooling to design and produce a specialist component for a limited market would set their price accordingly to recoup their time and investment.

As manufacturers of 12v refrigerators we at Shoreline always try to negotiate the best prices possible for these motor compressors based on our limited annual usage but in the end the supplier will always govern our actual buying price.

Similar scenarios can be seen with other equipment developed for the specialist marine market, such as toilets, microwave ovens, heaters to name but a few.




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