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Sometimes things don't work as they should, which can often be attributed to a variety of reasons...


The most common issues received by telephone calls and e-mails are directly related to the electrical installation itself. Whilst we strive to write our installation instructions with clarity for all, sometimes certain important points get over looked. We highly recommend that our appliances are installed by a competent marine or automotive electrician.


Our team can offer telephone technical support or advice, we will however require the model and serial number of the unit in question. The data label containing this information will be located on the inside of the unit. This is visible beneath the light switch on the right hand side on most models, in freezer units it can be found on the bottom left hand side behind the freezer drawer.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Above is an example of a Shoreline Marine data label. Inside of the unit you may also notice a QR code, if you have access to a smart phone this QR link will take you directly to the fault finding section on our page.


Please take a note of this information from the product before ringing our team for support. In order to deal with the technical calls quickly and effectively it is suggested that you run through the fault finding flow chart first, located at the bottom of this page.


You can contact our technical team on +44(0)1903 733877 during office hours or please use our contact page for Shoreline (UK) Ltd , we will require the product Model Number, the product Serial Number as shown on the identification label on the inside of your refrigerator, and the date of purchase. Please have these ready before contacting us so we can assist with you enquiry.


By explaining your problem and for us to ask you a few questions it may be possible to advise you as to what to do to overcome the problem you are experiencing. Our objective will always be to provide you with an appropriate solution as quickly as possible. This may mean asking you questions, or requesting that you to make checks or adjustments to provide further information in order to narrow down the issue.


                                                                                                                                                                              VIEW FAULT FINDING PROCESS




Alternatively please use the facilities of our HELPDESK. This enables a direct contact with our technical team, by submitting a ticket you will gain direct responses. You can then track the request and check back at anytime until you are happy the ticket request has been resolved.