Shoreline Diagnostic LED Guide

If you are experiencing issues with your Shoreline fridge or freezer, this can often be easily diagnosed by the flashes of the fitted diagnostic LED. Below is a guide on how to read the flashes and what they mean

All of our appliances are fitted with a red flashing LED to help resolve common electrical or operational faults, and can usually be found in one of the following locations:

  • Behind the salad bin on the right-hand side of fridges
  • Behind freezer drawers
  • On the bottom front fascia of integrated units
  • Rear thermostat housing

If the electronic unit records an operational error, the LED diode will flash a number of times. The number of flashes depends on what kind of operational error was recorded.

Each flash will last ¼ second.

After the recorded number of flashes, there will be a short delay with no flashes, so that the sequence for each error recording is repeated every 4 seconds as demonstrated in the examples below.

Reading the red LED flashes on a Shoreline appliance


Insufficient start current/low voltage cut-out – This low voltage alarm serves as a reliable indicator for wiring or connector issues, if this is triggered, it signals a problem is with the wiring to the appliance or low voltage.

Please see: Low voltage cut-out


Fan error – There is an issue with the fan connected to your appliance, usually caused by an overload on the fan terminal

Please see: Fan error


Motor protection error – Usually this identifies an issue with either the electronic controller or the compressor itself, this alarm occurs when the compressor has stopped and cannot start again.

Please see: Motor Protection error


Minimum motor speed – This is a very rare alarm, indicating the compressor has started but cannot maintain its minimum speed.

If you experience this, please contact our HelpDesk here.


Thermal protection error – This alarm indicates that your unit has gone into protection mode, usually because of the heat sink exceeding 100c

Please see: Thermal protection error