1.0 Terms and conditions of warranty

  1. Parts are defined as mechanical/electrical parts only.
  2. Proof of date of purchase must be supplied.
  3. To qualify for free parts they must be fitted under instruction by appointed Shoreline engineer.
  4. Any attempts to modify or repair an appliance by an unauthorised person will render all warranties invalid.
  5. A charge will be made for a reported fault that transpires to be due to misuse or misinstallation.
  6. Shoreline retains the right to invalidate the warranty in the event of physical or verbal abuse towards any member of staff.
  7. Warranties in whole or part are not transferable.
  8. The provision of services under the warranty neither extends the term of the warranty nor sets in motion a new warranty period. The warranty period for spare parts fitted ends with the expiry of the warranty on the appliance as a whole. The warranty remains effective from the date of purchase.
  9. On the occasion that a product is over 2 years old* and is considered to be beyond repair, or uneconomical to repair, then we will offer a replacement appliance and charge an appropriate monetary offset in respect of the period of use already enjoyed.
  10. Warranties apply in the UK and ROI only.

2.0 What is not covered?

  1. Transport damage for which Shoreline is not responsible.
  2. Improper installation and assembly.
  3. Improper use including where an appliance has been used in a non recommended environment, or poor maintenance, or failure to observe the operating instructions.
  4. Faults due to accidental damage or misuse.
  5. Damage caused by the appliance coming into contact with unsuitable materials.
  6. Claims in respect of compensation for consequential loss, except where such liability is legally mandatory.
  7. Consumables and cosmetic parts such as glass shelves, seals, door storage, door handles and catches, cosmetic parts, baskets, trays, etc.